Exhorder Preview New Song “My Time” For Upcoming Album Mourn The Southern Skies

Truly vicious Speed metal band Exhorder have previewed new song “My Time” after signing to Nuclear Blast(a death sentence in terms of quality for most bands) last year. Those expecting a return to Slaughter in the Vatican level of composition will be sorely disappointed. The last twenty seven years haven’t revitalized the band at all and there is little reason to believe that this exists for any other than a quick cash grab.

The comparisons to Pantera have numbed this band to the point where the band have decided on creating a bizarre mixture of their later albums but with a healthy dose of latter day Exodus to create standard Nuclear Blast Retro-Thrash for people who need even more Shovel headed Kill Machine. The blasts of anger funneled by almost labyrinthine arrangements give way to standard groove metal inspired Speed metal. Now complete with nursery level rhymes for karaoke while you angrily contemplate on taking over area 51. These chugs will put you in the right mood to drink your third can of Monster energy drink before your huge fortnite session. At least glam rockers Pantera had something to prove and could make decent Lite Metallica when they didn’t dance to their breakdowns.

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14 thoughts on “Exhorder Preview New Song “My Time” For Upcoming Album Mourn The Southern Skies

  1. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

    This is a shemale song! Rape the transsexuals! Sodomize the shemale ass! My brethren, we will destroy the trannies asses! Soon the power of rape storms force will overwhelm the ladyboys. No tranny will survive.

  2. retard jesus says:

    it’s like a retarded version of testament

    that sentence shouldn’t even make sense, yet here we are!

    OG thrash was fruitlessly bloodying your knuckles against an unyielding wall of iron and mortar – that is to say: dumb, but at least a little cathartic

    this nu thrash shit is a rubber scrotum dangling from your trailer hitch – not even pretending to be sincere, and autistically deficient of awareness

    this is the sonic equivalent of deadpool movies and kylo ren in that one godawful star wars ripoff that came out a few years ago. can’t remember what it was called but at least there was that slightly funny part where han solo finally died. been waiting for that scene for decades. smug piece of shit should have never escaped jabba’s palace! Ford’s best acting in his whole career occured during that period of suspended animation in carbonite (except for a couple funny scenes in Sabrina, remember that shit?). would have been a better movie series if luke and leia just got over their freudian freakout and hooked up, oldboy style, nawatamsayin?! like, you have a fantasy universe with telekinetic laser sword fighters and er, interspecies erotica is commonplace, but incest is still taboo somehow? so much for suspending my disbelief!

    1. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

      Honor and glory to Han Solo for killing the trannies in Blade Runner. Sodomize the transsexual ass! Rape the shemale anus! Destroy the ladyboys with rape storms force! No tranny shall be spared.

      1. Wokest Nigga in the Jungle says:

        Have to admit, this gave me almost as big of a chuckle as the idea of Brett converting to Judaism as a form of protest.

        The Trans shall inherit the Earth!

      2. retard jesus says:

        you have quite the fixation there my child

        your dedication to the bit would be admirable were it not an obvious compensation for total lack of passion and inspiration. kind of like exhorder, or British comedy, refuge in audacity and all that, what what, pip pip cheerio guvna

        1. The Right Deeds Need no Justification says:

          Passion is something for frogs and pastaniggers to justify their lack of impulse control.

          1. retard jesus says:

            ok, is this a bit about being an autistic edgeposter who completely misses the point or are you a teenager who just learned his first slurs after reading CIA statistics about racial crime and opened your 3rd eye (which is the anus, btw)?

            either way you’re funnier than the tranny obsessor so do carry on

            1. *slow clap* says:

              “opened your 3rd eye (which is the anus, btw)?”

              Is this a deliberate triple entendre?

  3. sarcastro says:

    How about a review of the new Disentomb?


    1. retard jesus - smr version says:

      basically the same story as misery. thug slam. might as well delete the pretentious edge and just listen to she lay gutted

      there ya go nick buddy I saved you the trouble

  4. ignominious says:

    This song sucks. The worst thing to happen to Pantera was James Hetfield.

  5. RDS says:

    Wait.. Nuclear Blast signed a band that wasn’t fronted by a female?

    Holy shit! That’s the real news!

    1. papa bare says:

      You’re mistaken. Only women could write something this lacking in balls.

      Remember, having a beard and a dick doesn’t mean you aren’t a woman. It’s still the current year.

  6. canadaspaceman says:

    Accurate description. Yes, this is definitely copying latter day Exodus with vocalist Rob Dukes.
    I didn’t like it at first.
    With repeated listens, I guess it is ok, but I would never get excited enough to pay for it.
    Curious now about the full album.
    If I was a teenager and discovering thrash for the first time, then could see myself getting into it.

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