Pestilence Artwork Cancelled Due to Plagiarism

The Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull lookalike art for Pestilence’s upcoming album Hadeon has been cancelled due to the artist’s plagiarism. Hopefully Pestilence will get an actual painting.

From the band’s Facebook page.

Cover artwork for “Hadeon” cancelled

Last week we proudly presented the artwork for “Hadeon”, the new album by legendary Death Metal band Pestilence. This, in itself, fantastic artwork was created by Triple Seis, a company specialized in artwork for Metal bands (they did many artwork related things before we contacted them) based in Ecuador. In the past months Patrick Mameli shared his thoughts on what “Hadeon” needed to look like when put into art, and Triple Seis created it. Hammerheart Records made a contract and paid a pretty decent amount of money to become the owner of this artwork, so we could use it for all releases and products we wanted to use it on/for. We were very pleased on how this turned out…

Then… Upon its publication we started to receive messages that several parts of this artwork were stolen and copied into this design. The messages were not merely rumours, but they were true! We were shocked when we were shown how obviously and without shame this was done, we were left in disbelief. Both Hammerheart Records and Pestilence had never experienced anything like this before, and we find it totally objectionable.

We hereby declare that we have to cancel this artwork, we sincerely apologize to all the people/companies whose artwork was used without permission. We did not know this and we would never ever support this. We like to make it 100% clear that we do not support any of these “work” ethics done by Triple Seis and have returned the artwork to them in full and we will remove all announcements and links related to this artwork to the best of our abilities. Needless to say that this effects our hard work, we are not finished yet for a release of “Hadeon”. We need to switch to solving this problem.

“Hadeon” will see the light of day, the release date is still March 2018. We will not give in and continue our journey to World Domination in 2018. We find great consolation in the support of the Pestilence legions supporting us worldwide, thanks a lot!

As soon as we have the new artwork to show we will make an announcement.

Patrick Mameli, Pestilence
Guido Heijnens, management Pestilence, Hammerheart Records

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10 thoughts on “Pestilence Artwork Cancelled Due to Plagiarism”

  1. Gamer Loser says:


  2. Legit says:

    Damn, that artwork was awesome too

  3. rump ranger says:

    was curious about this so I googled around and found this blog:

    apparently many of the photoshop album covers in modern metal pilfer freely from google images and the work of actual artists. much in the same way the riffs on those albums are pilfered from better bands but are cleverly manipulated to obscure that fact.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      This is something entirely different: You can’t copy’n’paste a riff into a track[*]. That’s something you to analyze and learn to play first.

      [*] Well, technically, you can: Bit of audiofiles can be merged into other audio files in this way and something similar can obviously be accomplished with recording gear. But I assume you weren’t referring to that.

      1. rump ranger says:

        You’re right; I was fudging words for the sake of making the point that most metal ‘nowadays’ metal bands are a pastiche of the past. The notes and rhythms are varied just enough from the source material, and the arrangement and timbre are different. So it’s not plagiarism in the legal sense, but in a creative sense it is.

        of course “tribute” riffs/songs are not necessarily bad, and there are only so many possible combinations of notes, blah blah… discussion for another time.

  4. They better get some real fucking art

  5. HH says:

    they should just steal a painting from a French Romanticist painter like any respectable band would

    1. Gary says:

      Throw everyone a curve ball and put a picture of the band smiling on the cover.

  6. Rainer Weikusat says:

    This looked shit anyway. How about using a real painting?

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