Possessed – “Abandoned”

article by Empire Algol

When you’re talking about death metal bands that have a great discography, Possessed is likely going to be mentioned. Seven Churches is largely considered one of the greatest albums of the genre, and while Beyond The Gates is generally an inferior work, it still has some good moments. Even the demos from 1991 and 1993, which featured a very different lineup than the “classic” lineup, are a curiosity to listen to.

Needless to say, you will find none of that here. The fact that the only classic member is Jeff Becerra was the first red flag. The fact that a lot of this lineup are from insipid, uninspired bands was yet another red flag. But, the fact that they signed to Nuclear Blast was, to me, the final nail in the coffin. Among a legion of others, Immortal’s new material is bad, Suffocation’s newest material is terrible, and don’t even mention Slayer’s new album. And, as this song proves, Possessed is no exception to this mediocrity.

The song starts out sounding like very basic speed metal, but with drumming that sounds like it was done with a plastic set. There is absolutely nothing interesting about the opening, whatsoever. Then there is a (rather predictable) breakdown, and the vocals kick in. Those vocals! I understand that no vocalist will sound the same at 50 as they did when they were 17, but this is an absolute degeneration. Jeff sounds like he’s aping the way he sounded back then, and, in conjunction with the sing-along nursery rhyme lyrics, it turns out sounding absolutely terrible and derivative. The band then cycles between the “fast” sections and the “breakdown” sections, yet again in a very predictable fashion.

This is safe music for doing insipid tasks; it is mundane and a task to listen to on its own. You could listen to this as background music when doing your taxes, cleaning the floors, and washing the dishes. Indeed, this sounds much like something they would play at a mall. I love Possessed, but after listening to this, I see the reality; Possessed is a laughing stock without the members that created the magic of their early material. This song is just evidence that they are cashing in on their legacy and selling out. This is Possessed’s Black Album; still disguised as what everyone loves, but done to please the general public. Idiots will fall for the shtick and flock to this because of the name, disregarding the fact that if any new bands did this, they would eviscerate it; anybody with intelligence will see this for what it is, and avoid this cover band like the plague.

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7 thoughts on “Possessed – “Abandoned””

  1. canadaspaceman says:

    Wrong, wrong, and wrong, Mr.Empire Algol!
    Beyond The Gates was NOT a “generally an inferior work”. Possessed got tighter and faster, and I was one of may fans that enjoyed the songs and the new speed metal attack to their death/thrash sound. When it was first released, I thought it a the new Razor album!
    I still prefer Beyond The Gates over the first or third LP.
    It is comparable to how VENOM changed from the debut Welcome to Hell to the follow-up Black Metal.
    They started brutal and simple, and progressed a bit, which could be heard with a cleaner studio production.

    It doesn’t matter to me where these new band members are from, as they have the chops and it sounds like they are continuing where beyond The Gates left off.

    What is wrong with Jeff’s vocals? He still sound the same as the 1980s. ” ’ ” . Yes, him sounding like himself is ridiculous! That reminds me of the story of Gabe Kaplan of the TV show Welcome Back Kotter. After the series ended, there was a casting call for a “Gabe Kaplan”-type, and he auditioned, and they wouldn’t use him because he was not enough of what they were looking for! Even though he was the original article.

    I think your main complaint is the other original band members chose not to continue with POSSESSED.

  2. DMU is for M-A rejects apparently says:

    Didn’t I see this written there too before it was laughed off the site?

    1. doubt this was on MA, they would have rejected it and cried over how unfair it is.

  3. Gordon Crothers says:

    People like this writer are a cancer on the metal community.

  4. Punisher says:

    To the writer : FUCK YOU, dude !

  5. Bolchevique Andina says:

    Sadistic Intent and Coffin Texts are insipid and uninspired? Eat shit and die.

  6. viglance says:

    jeff sounds fine the fuck are you on? Sample track is boring.

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