Conjureth Releases Foul Formations EP

Conjureth, a project of Decrepitaph personnel, released its new EP Foul Formations on February 15, 2020, featuring more of its hybrid between Incantation and Immolation style mid-paced trudging death metal. Each song builds its main riff out of a central theme, then creates a staggered counterphrase for the chorus, and features a more thorough and basic elucidation of the theme as a transition, but otherwise for the most part is riff-chorus metal.



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NECROM – The Light Has Never Been Here (2019)

From the mid-90’s throughout the 21st century, the Ukrainian Black Metal scene has received the attention of listeners across the world. The Metal music coming from this nation (and particularly the Kharkiv region) has been defined by many noteworthy bands which expanded upon the keyboard-heavy “Symphonic Black Metal” stylings of bands like Emperor to include elements of 70’s prog rock, thrashing hardcore riffing, and the traditional Slavic folk music of their ancestors to create an iconic “epic” sound which combines the appeal of classic melodic Heavy Metal music with the folkish mystic fury of “second-wave” Black Metal.


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