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Carcass have been touring almost-nonstop since reuniting and releasing their phoned-into-ProTools excuse to tour, Surgical SteelRight after supporting Slayer, they have announced yet another set of dates. Despite the mainstream metal openers, this “One Foot in the Grave 2016” might be worth worth checking for grindcore and death metal die hards as Carcass play material from all periods of their career when headlining.

Following a successful assault on our shores alongside label mates SLAYER and TESTAMENT, disinterred British metal icons CARCASS, will return to North America for a headlining tour this summer.! Joining them are southern metal heavy weights CROWBAR, horror thrashers GHOUL, and Los Angeles based metal act NIGHT DEMON.

“One Foot In The Grave 2016”

07/16/16 Chicago, IL – Chicago Open Air Festival
07/17/16 Lawrence, KS – Granada Theater
07/19/16 Denver, CO – Bluebird Theatre
07/20/16 Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
07/22/16 Sacramento, CA – Ace Of Spades
07/23/16 Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory
07/24/16 Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy Theater
07/25/16 Phoenix, AZ – Club Red
07/26/16 El Paso, TX – Tricky Falls
07/27/16 Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater
07/29/16 Memphis, TN – New Daisy Theatre
07/30/16 Louisville, KY – Mercury Ballroom
07/31/16 Columbus, OH – Park Street Saloon
08/01/16 Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Sound Stage
08/02/16 Richmond, VA – Broadberry
08/03/16 Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts
08/04/16 New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
08/05/16 New Haven, CT – Toad’s Place
08/06/16 Montreal, QC – Heavy MTL Festival (Carcass only)

Keep in mind that Carcass are still entertaining when shitfaced:

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12 thoughts on “Carcass Announce 2016 North American Tour”

  1. vOddy says:

    I saw them in 2015.
    They played some pieces from Heartwork, but apart from that, it was good (There is way better melodic death metal in the world than Heartwork. It’s not good), although I thought Napalm Death was slightly better.

  2. gay guy says:

    Chicago Open Air, huh… Maybe this will be like a mini MDF!

    *google searches the lineup*

    Oh god please no

    *starts projectile vomiting*

    1. vOddy says:

      Hahahah, woooo-oooow. Okay.
      I just took a look at it. Damn. :D

      I’m going to go through each band, one at a time.
      Let’s see here…


      – Rammstein: This is a rock band. It’s not even metal. And you can bet that it’s not some epic progressive rock or anything like that.

      – Chevelle: I haven’t heard of this band. Using my prejudice skills, I deduce that they are metalcore or deathcore, based on their name and logo.

      – Ministry: I haven’t heard of this. Could be good, I don’t know.

      – Of Mice And Men: Angsty, whiny, egocentric drama oriented metalcore. As far as I know. I could be wrong. :)

      – Meshuggah: They have some fancy poly rhythms occasionally, but are generally lacking in spirit. They do not inspire one to violent deeds of greatness.

      – The Devil Wears Prada: I haven’t heard this band, but the name reeks of metalcore.

      – Hollywood Undead: I haven’t heard this band either, but this name stinks even worse.
      Hollywood? This alludes to petty glamour and shallow pleasures. Undead? This in combination with “Hollywood” makes me suspicious that they are a “too deep 4 u” band with pathetic protest lyrics against society, the sentiment of which 98% of people would agree with… which makes their ‘righteous’ struggle less than impressive.

      – Trivium: Before I discovered better music, I used to listen to this band as a child. They have some good riffs on one of their albums, Ascendancy, but there’s a nasty after taste of angsty whining occasionally. When this isn’t present, they kind of express something that is somewhat close to a metal spirit, but it’s done crudely. Lots of refrains, weak progression.
      After that album they got more dull and boring. They may have gotten better later, but I wouldn’t know because I stopped following them. Not recommended – there is better music out there.

      – Hatebreed: I don’t know this band, I’ve just heard that they’re deathcore or metalcore or some shit.

      – Periphery: I checked this band out once because a class mate recommended them. I thought the riff on “Letter Experiment” was okay. Then all momentum was lost as the music devolved in to mind numbingly simple (and not elegantly simple) vocals with the guitars occupying the back seat. I tried to soldier on, but gods damn it was shitty. I ended up stopping playback out of frustration.

      – Drowning Pool: Damn. This brings back memories of StarCraft highlights on Youtube from when I was like, 10. A very over used piece on said website. Also one of the original rock bands which took surface elements of death metal. I guess this is called nu metal. It came before metalcore.

      – Butcher Babies: The name says it all. This music is not epic. It is not intelligent. It is not about a thing which an individual can look at and see as being more important than himself. It is not valourous. It is not sovereign. It has not ascended to a greater level of existence. Am I wrong? Maybe. I haven’t heard this band. But I would bet all of my money on my description being correct.

      – Through Fire: Weak name. If there is any hope for this band, then they are better at musical composition than word poetry. What the name alludes to, however, isn’t terrible.

    2. vOddy says:

      – Disturbed: Diluted metal to the point of almost being rock. And again, not the good kind. Boring guitar riffs, vocals which lead too much and other instruments not doing their part at being interesting. Boring overall structures – no interesting progression.

      – KoRn: This isn’t even metal. It has none of the spirit, and none of the interesting structures. The riffs are boring. The vocals are more like some Marilyn Manson rock shite than any kind of metal; there are no shrieking ring wraiths of black metal, no valiant champions of heavy metal, no uncivilized brutes of death metal. Nothing. Unlike the metalcore bands on this lineup, this band isn’t even entertaining as cringe. It’s just too boring and dull and vapid. Too drained of any kind of energy, even a cringe inducing kind of energy.

      – breaking benjamin: The people in this band may be good humans, but they are not good artists.
      This is so-simple-it’s-boring, unelegant, repetitive rock. Not metal, and not good.

      – Alter Bridge: I’ve got nothing on this band. I don’t follow what the kids are in to these days. I didn’t even follow it as a kid myself.

      – Gojira: I’ve heard mixed opinions of this band, so I am unsure.

      – Helmet: In my experience, this is a band that people who don’t like metal will attempt to use to connect with people who do like metal. “Have you heard this band?” they ask, hoping that they will have some musical taste in common with you.
      This is because this band has rough vocals, like Slayer does, distorted guitars, drums, and base guitar.

      But this is no gods damned Slayer. It does not inspire apocalyptic visions. It is not a maze of riffs leading to a dark but wondrous place. It’s just boring riffs, existing inside repetitive and uninteresting structures. Is it metal? If so, it’s not good metal. But I am leaning towards this being some form of rock.

      – Deafheaven: I have no qualm with people who listen to music that I do not enjoy. I have my music, and they have their music. The problem arises when people try to claim that a piece of music is something that it’s not. For example, calling a mixture of post metal and shoegaze rock “black metal”.
      Music genres should have strict definitions, because otherwise, they lose meaning and become too vague to be useful.
      Furthermore, a music piece’s romantic themes, and overall song structure, should play a part in defining which genre it belongs to, not just its surface traits.
      In other words, having tremolo picking, distorted guitars, and shrieking vocals is not all that makes music black metal.

      To summarize: I have no qualm with people listening to music that I do not like. But I do not tolerate it if they mislabel music, especially music that I care about.

      For this, I am often called an intolerant elitist asshole.

      – Carcass: At this point, even their weaker material would be a breath of fresh air. Shit-damn, it’s rough.

      – Pop Evil: What the fuck is this name, lol

      – Nothing more: This sounds like the name for a pop act. Since they are playing on the same stage as Carcass, I’ll assume that they play pop music with metal instruments. In other words, a style of metalcore.

      – Saint Asonia: If I am to be optimistic, I can say that this could be some kind of doom metal.
      If I am to be realistic, I’ll just say that they are probably some deathcore crap.

      – Miss May I: Metalcore. I would bet my soul on it. From the name alone. Metalcore, I tell you.
      A name says a lot.

      – Beartooth: This could theoretically be heavy metal. It could even be good. But my optimism is so crushed that I’ll just wager that it’s bad.

      – Silver Snakes: I don’t get it, man. These names aren’t inspiring.

      There’s “Burzum” which means darkness in the language of the orcs.
      There’s “Ensiferum” which means iron-wielding in latin.
      There’s “Forseti”, the name of a Norse god of justice. (I haven’t heard the band)
      There’s “Morbid Angel”, which alludes to a certain view of Christianity.

      And then there’s “Silver Snakes”.

      These other names are good. They tell you something about the music itself, and what you can expect.
      But from “Silver Snakes”, I am not receiving any data.

      – City Of The Weak: Zzzzzzzzzzz

      1. Whale Metal Aficionado says:

        Gojira is a good band, they combine intricate song structures and creative riffs with surprisingly well-written environmentalist lyrics. You should definitely check them out.

        1. C.M. says:

          Gojira are “metal” for people who hate metal. They operate on the same level and toward the same audience as Cradle of Filth.

          1. Whale Metal Aficionado says:

            That’s an ignorant opinion. Just because Gojira is popular doesn’t mean they’re bad, and just because they have innovated a new genre of metal (Whale Metal), doesn’t mean that they aren’t true metal. You obviously just want to score kvlt points with your lame friends. As for me, I’ll continue to listen to what makes me happy.

            Here’s a tip: give Gojira another chance, but this time listen to them while getting pegged by your significant other, it really enhances the soulfulness of the music. Ta ta!~

            1. C.M. says:

              Everything that is popular, sucks. But Gojira sucks on their own terms. Gargle my scrotum.

              1. vOddy says:

                Wasn’t good death metal kind of popular during the 1990s?
                At least more popular than orchestral music, right?

                It’s also possible for a thing to have mainstream appeal and also have legitimate merit. For example, a lot of dumb kids flocked to black metal because of the drama, but it also happened to be good music.

      2. C.M. says:

        Helmet put out some respectable music in the early ’90s among the indie rock crowd that was tenaciously adopting hard rock aesthetics. For several years I listened to them along with Polvo, Quicksand, Drive Like Jehu and some others that were sort of in between grunge and emo movements. Probably the most worthwhile band out of that entire line-up, sadly.

    3. vOddy says:


      – Slipknot: A fringe case. Is this rock with some death metal surface traits, or is it just shitty metal? In either case, they occasionally manage to come up with some decent catchy parts, but generally, it’s a snore fest. Boring riffs. Not epic. Not awe inspiring. Too repetitive. Sometimes straight up verse refrain verse refrain interlude verse refrain refrain.
      I haven’t heard their later work but it’s probably bad.

      – Five Finger Death Punch: I haven’t heard this band and I intend to keep it that way, unless my willpower exercise of exposing myself to cringe leads me to them. Maybe I’ll do a deathcore oriented cringe training session. I’ve already done metalcore.

      – Marilyn Manson: Ego centric, low minded, hedonistic rock music which does not inspire anything of worth in the listener. It’s free, all right, but does it do anything good with that freedom? Or does it just wallow in its own semen and piss?

      – Bullet For My Valentine: At times, very catchy, which can fool metalists and Hessians in to thinking that it’s good. But it ain’t. It’s whiny, small minded, and petty, although less so than many other bands on this line up. The best of the worst, I guess.

      – Killswitch Engage: Another candidate for the best of the worst? I’ve only heard this band for a few minutes many years ago, but it didn’t make me cringe, so that’s something.

      – Babymetal: J-pop with generic trash metal riffs.

      – Asking Alexandria: Cringe heavy metalcore. This music will make you cover your face and laugh in pain. It may also make your legs and other muscles feel weak.

      – Corrosion of Conformity: Isn’t this a hardcore punk band? Or thrash? I have vague memories of this band being described as a mixture of hardcore punk and metal.
      The name also isn’t that stupid. The use of the English language is fine, and the meaning behind the words is compatible with good music. I haven’t heard them, though. I’m an ignoramus on punk. Could be good.

      – All That Remains: Metalcore, but not as bad or cringe inducing as a lot of it. Just not awe inspiring or anything like that.

      – Letlive: I don’t know.

      – We came as Romans: I can’t rationally explain why, but my subconscious mind is telling me to stay away from a band with this name. Some thing about it reeks. It doesn’t reach out and smash me in the face with a hammer. I’m not receiving.

      – Jim Breuer and the loud & rowdy: This sounds like the name for a rock band. And certainly not a progressive rock band. Therefore, I would not approach it unless given due reason to.

      – Upon a burning body: This is most likely deathcore. It’s a little more brutal than the metalcore names, but like them, very unoffensive and unsaying.

      – Gemini Syndrome: I don’t know what the Gemini syndrome is, or if it’s a real syndrome. But this title could theoretically belong to progressive rock. But it could also belong to some shite mallcore, and there’s for sure no prog rock on this concert, so I’ll go with the latter.

  3. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

    I think after seeing them at a sold out show in their tour last year with Obituary and Exhumed I have had my fill not only of seeing Carcass but of seeing more popular death metal live in general. It’s not the worst shit but I remember seeing Ghoul last year, 10 years ago they were a youthful obsession and fun band it by the time I saw them none of it spoke to me anymore. Populist metal is really lite, or fast food, all the components are there but it does t go any further than the surface, it’s surely nothing like seeing Incantation, Blaspherian, or Cianide live. I would casually go to this tour but I can’t even get halfway excited, it’s fucking amazing how you grow out of shit.

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