#Metalgate: Former Agalloch Frontman Subject to Pillory from Media, Betrayal from Bandmates, and THREATS of VIOLENCE from Aesop Dekker over “Anti-Semitic” Facebook Comment

Guest article by Eugene Stryker

The PC witch-hunt of the Leftist Indie/Mallcore Mafia continues ever on in its plaguing of the Metal scene throughout the 2010’s. No longer content to pillory some of the most vicious and well-respected acts in the Black Metal genre, the latest victim of character assassination and social media hysteria is none other than former Agalloch leader John Haughm.

The controversy began when Haughm posted a tribute to recently deceased Swiss actor Bruno Ganz (most well-known for his famous portrayal of A. Hitler), and included a brief politically incorrect “joke” comment on his private personal Facebook page.

The bandmates of Haughm’s most recent outfit Pillorian proceeded to throw him under the bus and dissolve the group in order to save their ass.

Such betrayal is nothing compared to what Haughm’s long-estranged former bandmates from Agalloch had to say on the matter:

The audacity of claiming that Haughm (who originally formed the band as a vehicle for his “personal feelings”, wrote all the lyrics and allegedly “80%” of the music) is “NOT Agalloch” is astounding on the level of saying “Rob Darken is NOT Graveland”. Proof that in addition to being testosterone-deficient hipsters, they have no sense of honour.

Since they felt it was appropriate to leak private Facebook comments from John Haughm due to their “anti-semitic” nature, it seems only fair that we should point out that former Agalloch drummer Aesop Dekker has commented with public setting on posts from both himself and Stephen Parker making not-so-implicit threats of VIOLENCE towards both Haughm and Parker. (Edit March 2 2019: It appears Dekker has since deleted and/or made private the post which this first comment originally appeared under)

[It is quite likely Mr. Dekker may deny these comments as being mere “jokes”. If that is so, how come this is an excuse for him and not Haughm?]

Whoops! Looks like that little apology may not have been enough to save you Steve!

[EDIT March 4 2019: It appears Mr. Dekker is also mad at Parker for previously being cool with Trevor Matthews playing drums in Pillorian. As opposed to what this article had initially erroneously assumed, the reasons for this are UNRELATED to his former association with Uada (a flavour-of-the-month Dissection/Inquisition/Mgła cover band that has also been the subject of attacks from Antifa for supposedly being Nazis simply because they were once scheduled to play at the infamous 2016 Messe des Morts)… the drama goes deep!]

Despite Haughm’s extensive apology including an obligatory appreciation for Israel, this appears to be yet another PC controversy in the making. It is sheer insanity that a career can be destroyed over a single typed word, and one made in private and with dubious degrees of sincerity at that. If it could happen to the individual who may have been unintentionally responsible for the influence of 21st century “post-Black Metal”, it could happen to anyone. Be on guard at all times.

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70 thoughts on “#Metalgate: Former Agalloch Frontman Subject to Pillory from Media, Betrayal from Bandmates, and THREATS of VIOLENCE from Aesop Dekker over “Anti-Semitic” Facebook Comment”

  1. Flying Kites says:

    Judenbook is Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg is a Jew. Zuckerberg is an autist. These are facts.

    Tranny drama is not that entertaining after all.

    1. Autist, or brilliant businessman?

      He invented a social, digital fidget spinner for humanity and a few hundred million of us check in daily.

      He took over major market share from Google and other Big Media, and now you need to have a Facebook presence to be known on the internet.

      Not positive for the internet, but a useful tool… unfortunately, prone to censorship, which is the main reason why people riff on dangerous ideas like Nazism, “racism,” “sexism,” “homophobia,” “Islamophobia,” elitism, classism, nationalism, and anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism. Over time, this will make such language part of their normal vocabulary and will inform how they view the world (Whorf-Sapir, inverted).

      In the end, if Zuckerberg is not working for Hitler, at least we can say that Hitler should be thankful to him.

      We are entering a bad time. All of our post-1945 changes have failed and left disaster in their wake. We are surrounded by enemies, both internal and external. Most people seem neurotic, delusional, and narcissistic. Clearly this civilization has failed.

      We will see instead of our Utopia equality future a dark future, in which people fight over resources and local control, street by street. They will do it through legal, economic, social, and eventually guerrilla means. It will be an inverse Holocaust: where the Holocaust sought to find the bad group and kill them, this inverse Holocaust will seek to find the few good and get them out of the mess while the others destroy each other.

      Nearly eight billion people must be purged. Nature will do her best, from within us, and we will — drugged on the hubris of equality, democracy, and diversity — never see it coming.

  2. Nathan Metric says:

    “Anti-Semitic” accusation should have the biggest quote marks as possible. This shit BARELY counts as anti-Semitic. Just barely. You’d have to be a predatory wannabe holocaust victim to not find that shit funny.

    You gotta be careful of the Nathan Phillips type of people out there. These people are freaking predatory. Rather than egalitarianism being the end that justifies the means the aggression itself the end and the egalitarianism is just the pseudo-moralistic means by which they conceal the evil of their intentions.

  3. Bill peirce says:

    Everyone involved sounds like a pathetic quivering faggot..

    This society becomes more honour-less and pussified by the hour.

    I wont even mention how weak the music of these bands are to begin with.

  4. Warguth says:

    Isn’t it awesome that metal is being ruined by politically correct faggotry?

    I mean, it’s not like metal was ever purposely shocking and offensive just for the sake of it, AMIRITE?

    “Judenbook” … The left would have been ok with that comment had Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib said it in sincerity, but John Haughm? Well he’s just being a Literal Hitler®!

  5. HaughmIsAgalloch says:

    This is what people are up in arms about? That’s a South Park-tier joke.

  6. Poopypantsmcgaybaby says:

    At this point my sympathy is only with those who stand by their words. In quicksand, the one thing you shouldn’t do is thrash around for survival. He’s trying to make this nontroversy go away by genuflecting and apologizing to the left and waxing on about how wonderful Israel is, therefore he can get fucked. He’s enabling this outrage culture by giving it power.

  7. Dallas Bolen says:

    People have issues with Trevor Mathews for being a sex offending fukking creep, you sensitive douchebags. You claim that these guys are testosterone deficient, yet you guys are crying like 2nd graders when your shit gets called out in.

    And BTW,Aesop has posted his admiration for Uada. And the fact that you guys call them flavor of the month shows how shirt sighted you are, since theyve been on an upward trajectory since the band was conceived.

    Yall are just jealous, whiny bitches. And as someone who don’s an Agalloch tattoo as well as having put my foot in my mouth more times than I’d like to admit, I can tell you that John has fukked the fukk up and that his post was not a joke nor humorous. He just thought that he was Sir John Haughm, infallible Cascadian god. But hes just another dude who got brave with his mouth and got bitch slapped.

    1. HaughmIsQueer says:

      Can you spell fuck correctly, you weed-addled back birth?

      1. Dallas Bolen says:

        I dont do drugs. I was responding whilst at work and didnt pay attention. Eat me.

      2. Dallas Bolen says:

        Oh, I had misread. I thought you said spellCHECK. I spell FUKK that way for a reason, and if you dont like it, then eat my fukk.

        1. Ass Eater says:

          We are death….Fukk You!

    2. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

      Shut up faggot.

      1. Dallas Bolen says:

        Eat my dick

      2. Dallas Bolen says:

        If were comparing who’s a faggot or not, I’ll have you putting on a skirt and lipstick for me. With prison rules, you are MY bitch.

        1. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

          My hole is on guard at all times! None shall penetrate! No trannies, no homo! With or without prison rules, you’re still a nigger!

          1. Dallas Bolen says:

            You sound like a member of the Wolves of Vinland.

      3. a says:

        No you shut up or I’ll kill you, FAGGOT

        1. Dallas Bolen says:

          The fukk you will, bitch ass trick. I’ll make you love me.

        2. Dallas Bolen says:

          Come and find me anytime you want, honey

    3. Eugene Stryker says:

      “People have issues with Trevor Mathews for being a sex offending fukking creep, you sensitive douchebags.”

      Very interesting. If you can present any proof of this the article will be updated accordingly.

      1. Dallas Bolen says:

        Why do you think Uada gave him the boot? He was constantly causing them problems being too focused on chasing broads, trying to get the band to let him bring randoms along for the ride, and in Mexico, put them in danger for sending unsolicited dick pics to female fans they had met. Their cholo brothers showed up to their hotel room to beat some ass. And after the band smoothed things over, Trevor showed no remorse, regret nor appreciation. He was given his walking papers while they were sitting at the airport to go home.

        1. Eugene Stryker says:

          So you are alleging that he is a “sex offender” for being promiscuous with groupies and sending some unsolicited dick pics, only the latter of which seems to be legally questionable.

          Were any of these encounters non-consensual and/or with underage participants? More importantly has he actually been convicted in court of any such offenses? If you cannot provide any evidence, I don’t think it would be wise to use the term “sex offender”, although we will regardless amend the paragraph that erroneously speculated that Dekker’s issue with Matthews was his Uada involvement.

          1. Dallas Bolen says:

            Aesop has no issues with Uada, just Trevor. Before he was seen as a dick pic sending douche, he was also going around telling people he was the new drummer for Agalloch before Haughm realized how dumb the idea of restaffing Agalloch was…

          2. Dallas Bolen says:

            And such behavior is not very smart in this day and age of rape Whistle blowing. He’s a huge liability and acted like an asshole towards his bandmates.

    4. Misanthrope says:

      “Yall are just jealous, whiny bitches.”

      Jealous about a bunch of soy-drinking man-children making drama on (((Facebook)))?
      Agalloch, Pillorian and Uada all blow tranny dick anyway. But that’s not the issue here.
      The issue here is that a man commented privately, got exposed publicly and then gets publicly persecuted to feed the media histrionics, which in itself is a reflection of the decay of the metal scene.

      1. Public Shitting Space says:

        Nothing on the interwebz is private.

    5. What has Uada done that is worthy of remembering for more than their fifteen minutes of fame?

      1. Dallas Bolen says:

        2 heavily heavily praised albums and world tour after world tour. That’s what they’ve done with much more than 15 goddam minutes.

      2. Johnny Cab says:

        The only thing Uada did that was remarkable was bringing in a bass player who photographs people’s shirts at shows and tries to turn them in to the Antifa/Soy Scouts morality police.

        Major next-level pussy shit.

      3. Cynical says:

        They did have the unintentionally funniest band picture ever, where all of them were facepalming in unison.

    6. Satania says:

      Learn to spell fuck correctly, faggot.

    7. 1. WHen have we ever cried. I remember that as soon as we got attacked that we hit back hard!
      2. They are deficient in all aspects of life.
      3. UADA make some of the worst music in recent times, If you enjoy them then you have no taste in Death metal.
      4. Why would you get an Agalloch tatoo? If you are going to get a band tatoo at least get a good one like Emperor and not some emo-alternative rock band with feeble screams.
      5.Jealous of what? Hipster rock pretending to be BM? Dalla get your life together and stop the soy diet!

      1. Dallas Bolen says:

        I’ve got more than Agalloch on me. GG Allin, EyeHateGod, Deicide, Napalm Death, etc

        1. wat says:

          You have a GG Allin tattoo but you are offended by anti-Semitism??? GG Allin hated black people, beat women, raped people and animals and was a pedophile. LOL

          1. Dallas Bolen says:

            You know next to nothing about me nor my sensibilities, so…

      2. Public Shitting Space says:

        I wonder if anyone has ever gotten a tattoo of Ihsahns ugly mug on their arse.

      3. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

        Prison rules tramp stamp. Agalloch in prison rules means faggot tranny BITCH according to the 2019 FBI dossier on prison gang culture.

        1. Dallas Bolen says:

          Would you call Steve from Deicide a faggot to his face for going to Agalloch shows?

    8. SuburbanWarMetalDad says:

      >Agalloch tattoo
      >says y’all but probably from portland

      1. Dallas Bolen says:

        Fukk Portland

        1. SuburbanWarMetalDad says:

          Ok Jaden or Brayden or whatever your dumbfuck millennial name is

          1. Dallas Bolen says:

            I’m not a mom millennial, and my name is Dallas. I was named after a double murderer

            1. Dallas Bolen says:

              Don’t know why speech to text added mom in the….

            2. SuburbanWarMetalDad says:

              So your parents were idiots

              1. Dallas Bolen says:

                They saw the name in the paper and thought it was a cool sounding name. Big woop.

  8. Dallas Bolen says:

    *called out on*
    *short sighted*

  9. Coolest Monkey in the Jungle says:

    Never apologise to SJWs.

    1. There is only one solution for SJWs, like any other Leftist: physical removal.

      My preferred solution is to deport them all to Venezuela and let them invent their perfect society there.

      Should be good for them, and us too.

      1. Coolest Monkey in the Jungle says:

        SJWs don’t want to create [their version of] a perfect society though. Without victimhood they don’t exist, like Al Sharpton.

  10. Hraedir says:

    I feel bad for John and Stephen, these people just can’t take a joke because virtue signaling to look better. And Stephen is being shit on for something he never posted.

  11. Dallas Bolen says:

    And BTW, constantly calling people faggots automatically makes people yall like the taste of penis. Which is fine, be whoever you are. But stop trying so hard.

    1. Dallas Bolen says:

      Makes people think *

    2. Haku Zynkyoku says:

      The jew fears the samurai.

      1. Dallas Bolen says:

        Point being?

    3. Cynical says:

      Dude, you have “Ball in” as your last name. Everyone knows who the one who likes penis is.

      1. Dallas Bolen says:


  12. MediaKiller says:

    Let’s not forget that Aesop Dekker once ran a blog where he frequently reviewed NSBM bands.


    1. Eugene Stryker says:

      “Yeah, like all things pertaining to Absurd, this bears some controversial political associations that might make you scared or sad or fill you with a sudden self-righteous indignation if you are sensitive.”

      Amazing how much people can change in ten years.

      1. Dallas Bolen says:

        If you actually knew anything about Aesop, youd know that hea anything but sensitive.

        1. Eugene Stryker says:

          I never said he was “sensitive”. (Someone who makes threats to to “erase” someone because of a single typed word and telling their ex-associate that they “have it coming too” doesn’t really strike me as a friendly gentle soul).

          The point is making note of the irony that in 2009 Aesop Dekker was on record of promoting the music of actual Nazi bands and sarcastically dismissed people who might take offense but now ten years later in 2019 he appears to have taken a complete 180 and is now acting with “sudden self-righteous indignation” towards individuals for making politically incorrect jokes.

          1. Probably for the same reason most have done that turn: to keep the heat off of them.

            They turned Krieg into SJW-metal overnight. Note: this seems mostly to affect bands which came after the actual event and especially those from America.

          2. Dallas Bolen says:

            Lord forbid someone were to grow up and evolve in a 10 year span.

            1. dowdsdssokdos says:

              yeah, threatening to kill someone over a facebook joke sure sound like maturity and “evolution” to me, you dribbling retard

              1. Dallas Bolen says:

                I don’t see any threats to any life. And it wasnt a joke.

  13. Frank says:

    Dallas Bolen,
    are you washing your ass? Come to Florida, Bolen honey. Come, and wash your ass.
    Come here, you bastard, you dirty homosexual, and wash your ass for me.

    1. Dallas Bolen says:

      I take orders from no one, boy.

    2. Support eternal sodomy!

  14. Helga G Petaki says:

    In a fascist caste system would you say you’d be pretty close to the top? Because I think you’re a bottom.

  15. Dallas Bolen says:

    “The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”

    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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