Relapse Records reissues Incubus/Opprobrium’s Serpent Temptation

Not to be confused with the Incubus that Mike Browning played in between his tenures in Morbid Angel and Nocturnus; this Incubus (who changed their name to Opprobrium almost a decade later) was formed by Brazilian immigrants to the USA and fits well with the plethora of bands halfway between extreme speed metal and early death metal in the late 1980s. They’re probably most notorious these days for their pro-Christian, almost crusade oriented lyrical themes; as far as I know they were one of the first to bring such into extreme metal. Historical trivia aside, Relapse’s reissue showcases some remastering work that generally makes the album sound sharper and treblier and appears to be based on the original, as opposed to the 1996 edition with rerecorded vocals.

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9 thoughts on “Relapse Records reissues Incubus/Opprobrium’s Serpent Temptation

  1. I still do not know 100% .. is this simply a remaster, or this also a re-recording with changed vocals / changed lyrics ?

    1. and yeah, I can read. You state :
      ” and appears to be based on the original, as opposed to the 1996 edition with rerecorded vocals.”
      “appears” ? that does not mean to me it really is the original recording and merely tweaked.

      1. discodjango says:

        It is a remaster of the original version.

  2. Rafael Nobre says:

    Hello Gabe, i am from Brazil and for about one year i have been reading (within my english vocabulary limitatons) to read every article here, which i really find elevating for its abilty to criticize and analyze with honesty, without pitty or false humility. I have been listening to extreme metal for about nine years, but only recently i am having the oportunity to listen to relevant material. One of the first records that a long time ago made me realize how important is the capacity to create a new universe and immerse the listener into it was Xibalba’as Ah Dzam Poop Ek, which you wrote a review. Im writing this reply to ask you, if possible, to check out the HEart of Ages album by a band called In The Woods, i am not sure if youre going to like, maybe you will find it harmless or indie-oriented. Well, Thanks for your articles here i am great fan ! Greetings from the land of Sarcófago, Sepultura, Sextrash and many more !

    1. Disremember says:

      You forgot Bode Preto….

      1. Rafael Nobre says:

        In Memória,mutilator, chakal, holocausto, taurus.. Many many more ! Youre from Brasil too?

        1. Disremember says:

          No brother …
          I’m on the complete opposite of the rainforest … Which is incidental another huge rainforest …

  3. Blake Jugg says:

    So much potential here

  4. morbideathscream says:

    I have an old dub tape of serpent temptation that a friend gave me, he received it through tape trading in the 80’s. I never heard them mentioned as a christian metal band until someone brought it up on metal archives a few years back. Then I read lyrics to songs like the battle of Armageddon and sure enough it’s pro christian. Then there were songs like sadistic sinner which unless there’s some hidden message behind it, not even remotely christian. Though they have pro christian lyrics in certain songs, I don’t know if they’re a Christian band in the same sense that bands like mortification or believer are.

    The music on serpent temptation is killer, however. Not a top priority, but if opportunity presents itself I might just grab the reissue.

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