Brief Analysis: Beethoven Seventh Symphony: Second Movement

According to the great man himself, this was one of Beethoven’s greatest works and has rightly been recognized as being so. The second movement in particular was so popular that on its premiere, the orchestra were forced to encore it. To this day its popularity has not dwindled and the second movement has its own legacy outside of the symphony.



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Brief Analysis: Camille Saint-Saëns – “La Danse Macabre”

Camille Saint-Saëns one of the great Romantic composers was inspired by the old French legend “La Danse Macabre” which has been translated to the “Dance of Death”. This legend consists of various dead people from all walks of life but generally include a laborer,child and a king dancing at midnight on Halloween to the devil’s fiddle (which has been changed in the piece to a violin) before returning to their graves. This was commonly used as a memento mori in the middle ages to show the universal nature of death and that nothing on earth can deny any one of us the same fate. Here the composer took this allegory and built one of the greatest pieces in the history of music. The song is incredibly complex and would require an incredible amount of work to completely dissect, for the sake of clarity let us look at the opening passage before the composition spirals into insanity with the use of counterpoint and dramatic orchestration.



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In the Pursuit of Power: The Hessian Playlist

When training various elements can influence one’s psyche and it is essential to “program” one’s mind to be as productive as possible in the little that most Hessians can dedicate for training. Music can strengthen certain emotions and conjure up feelings of strength, fortitude and determination which are mandatory qualities to progress in any domain. At times the flow of an album doesn’t correlate with a training session and it can be interesting to create playlists of different artists. Here is a playlist that I personally use when working muscular endurance/cardio for upcoming competitions.



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Tales From Vahdiasland: A Brief Glance Into The Sport Of Rugby

On the tenth of October 1876 during a schoolboy game of a unique form of Football, a young boy by the name of William Webb Ellis caught the ball between his hands and run unto the opposite side of the pitch to touch the ball down on the opposite side of the pitch and score. That is the origin myth of the sport of rugby. A now international sport that has spread all over the world and spawned many derivatives including American football. One hundred and forty-three years later. On a cold winter night. Floodlights illuminate an empty pitch as two teams enter the gate. Organized conflict would occur between two groups shortly after.



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Brief Analysis: Beethoven – “Moonlight Sonata”

Although very well known this piece is largely misunderstood, this sonata rarely sees the powerful dream that inhabits it. Made of a single theme; a single tempo, a single great and mysterious image. The whirlpools in this secret work (third movement) does not alter the tempo; as the major revelation (second movement) does not change the color interior of the work. The first movement generates everything even when it plunges into the storm. A truly mastered, deep, framed, infinite and haunting work. Whose end can be linked to the beginning, in the same tempo and the same atmosphere, in the same tone (C sharp minor). It is then that the first movement takes its true meaning and its exact rhythm.



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Uncovering The mysteries of Molested – Blod-Draum

Norway has never been known for being an exponent of death metal, barring the early contributions of Darkthrone and the parent bands to some of the greatest black metal groups to emerge from the country. The brainchild of Borknagar main songwriter Øystein Garnes Brun, Molested was a brief flash in the pan before the mediocrity of Borknagar would define his career.



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Imprecation – Damnatio ad Bestias (2019)

Imprecation return six years after their great release Satanae Tenebris Infinita with Damnatio ad Bestias which refers to a Roman game that consisted of allowing beasts to kill various criminals. Here it possibly refers to the various Christian martyrs that were killed this way and possibly a reference to the Morbid Angel song “The Lion’s Den” which deals with the exact same topic. Here the band are aware of the success of their previous record and attempt to replicate but with a slightly modern touch that takes away from the immersion yet remains an enjoyable listen that pushes certain previous ideas to their limit.



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DMU Podcast 1: At the Gates and The Unlikely Mexican Heirs

Join us on the inaugural DMU Podcast where we go through the influence that The Red in the Sky Is Ours had on the Mexican Death metal scene and how it spawned two albums that sought to recreate its grandeur. The Chasm Deathcult for Eternity: The Triumph! and Cenotaph Riding Our Black Oceans

note: here is the fixed version


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