Coincidence? I Think Not.

Metal has two basic ideas: death worship and crowd control.

The first involves the notion that death is necessary not just to purge the weak, but to give meaning to life, and that by opposing it, we are fooled into retreating into an illusory human-only world formed of self and social group, and that by doing so we self-destruct, instead of discovering the beauty of darkness and the excellence within power that are necessary to understanding existence.

The second addresses the nature of humanity: any good idea is taken by the crowd, dumbed down to the point where they can digest it, and then destroyed because the adulterated version is weak since it lacks whatever made the idea good. This cycle persists throughout human history, and even in our interpersonal relationships; we are talking monkeys with car keys forever striving for clarity and realism.

Blasphemy is our only salvation, because what most of us think is true is always a lie.

Death worship means, more than an appreciation of death itself, a delight in the joys of humanity itself. Death is where we become powerless; perhaps we should be powerless in other areas, because our choices reflect the desires of the human body, and not the inner self of who we actually are, or who we might become, if we were brave and followed the path laid out for us by the demands of life itself.

Consider the nature of the phrase “holy asshole.” It suggests a unity between what is least entrenched in life, and its most basic biological reality. In this phrase, naturalism and idealism are joined; the biological and Darwinistic find unity with the sacred and reverent. It is transcendence itself.

Luckily, art shows us this unity:

Narrator: All of you stick your hands into the holy asshole and when it lights up you’ll have found the one.1

If paired with:

Rip the sacred flesh
Sodomize the holy asshole2

Coincidence? I think not.

Emptiness and destruction are with us always. The path of the cakravartin belongs to those who can make the darkness serve the light, or perhaps the meta-light, which is the state of existence itself, a somethingness always striving to overcome nothingness and make meaning out of the vastest of voids and most depleted of empty spaces.

Metal is more than music. It is a philosophy of life: how to accept imperfection, and through it, realize that perfection is a human perfection, and that what we perpetually need is a constant struggle for imposing beauty through darkness, instead of fleeing what is dark to what appears to be light, only later discovering that it was illusion.

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Meditations on the Death of Wishful Thinking

To be a writer, if you are any good, is to be a blasphemer. Humanity is an entropy engine because each person decides on what view of the world makes them look the best, and so the constant weight pushing down on us is that of the herd, of a group of individuals united only by selfishness, come together into a mob for the purpose of asserting their right to be different and unique, constantly leading away from an understanding of the world around us and any meaning that can be found in it.



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Eulogy Reissues Discography On The Essence/Dismal LP/CD


Florida death metal band Eulogy re-issued their discography as a limited edition CD and vinyl album on Dark Symphonies Records last year. The recording features the The Essence EP (1993) which is both heavily bootlegged and even more insanely overpriced than normal on eBay, and the 1992 demo “Dismal.” Both releases have been remastered from the original analog tapes.



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During the tumultuous past few years, a new sub-genre appeared that combines elements of several existing genres. Fashwave is synthwave with a darkwave sensibility and occasional metal-inspired riffs that sound very much out of the canon of Beherit or Burzum, but simplified to fit within the more synthpop-oriented rhythms of fashwave.



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Psycho Survivors – Alive From the Grave (2017)

Many have noted the rise of the music in the intersection between martial industrial, synthwave, dark ambient and dungeon synth which has produced a number of offshoot genres. Coming to us from China, Psycho Survivors (失常幸存者) attempt to meld death metal and synthwave music into a new form that has the techniques of industrial with the compositional sensibilities of death metal.



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Malicia – Silencioso Dolor Que Aniquila (2013)

Sandwiched between keyboard compositions which attempt to sound random while hiding a simple progression in notes that initially seem like tangential harmony, Silencioso Dolor Que Aniquila consists of moderately successful compositions using the language of Hellhammer but a sensibility more like a late speed metal band.



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Moribund Records Pays Tribute To Mark “Blaash” Michaelson

Moribund Records has released its tribute to Mark “Blaash” Michaelson, who died earlier this month. Included in their tribute is some information about how events transpired, namely that this was an accidental death in service of misanthropy, nihilism and world-hatred:

For those not in the “know” BLAASH was a Ritual Satanist, who utilized self-mutilation in his personal rituals. Unfortunately, BLAASH apparently cut a little too deep, severing a major artery, resulting in his death by exsanguination… leaving this turd world in True nihilistic fashion.

We continue to remember him fondly here at Death Metal Underground as a musician, writer and friend who was the subject of one of our favorite interviews which revealed the conflicting motivations of post-Nordic black metal.


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