Funeral Bitch Re-Issues Old Demos With The 1980s Demos CD

From roughly 1984 to 1992, Paul Speckmann recruited different lineups to express the same idea through different band names such as Master, Deathstrike, Abomination, Funeral Bitch, and Speckmann Project. With similar basic sounds and shared songs, these bands differed mostly in personnel.


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Conjureth Releases Foul Formations EP

Conjureth, a project of Decrepitaph personnel, released its new EP Foul Formations on February 15, 2020, featuring more of its hybrid between Incantation and Immolation style mid-paced trudging death metal. Each song builds its main riff out of a central theme, then creates a staggered counterphrase for the chorus, and features a more thorough and basic elucidation of the theme as a transition, but otherwise for the most part is riff-chorus metal.



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Malevolent Creation The Ten Commandments Re-Issued

Peer into the intense fury of three decades ago when Malevolent Creation unleashed their powerful fusion of speed metal and percussive death metal, The Ten Commandments (1991). Full of nice meaty riffs cleated to pounding double-bass drumming, this album explored the side of death metal that stayed closer to conventional metal.



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Supuration The Cube: Death Metal’s Most Unique Album

It is commonly assumed that the most unique album in death metal is Nespithe and while there is a very strong case for such a claim, Supuration’s The Cube has a stronger claim to such a title. Demilich have a large number of failed imitators while Supuration have none at all. The first listen to Demilich immediately shows the band’s intentions and dizzying whirlwinds of ideas in elaborate riff mazes. Supuration sounds like a rock hybrid that borders on modern metal but with much depth and just as unique but requiring many more listens to dig past the highly accessible aesthetics. Here are a few tools that Supuration used to create the most unique album in Death metal.



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Deicide At Their Fiery Best

Live in London on December 17, 1992, Deicide bashed out a heck of a show which reveals their original interpretation of the material on Legion and their re-assessment of their first album, namely by playing the former faster by a shade and adding textural complexity to the latter.



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