Metalsucks, Shut the Fuck Up

by David McEric

The shamelessly slimy Metalsucks claim to have received an “open letter” from The Anti-NSBM Working Group, asking Hells Headbangers Records “to cease releasing and distributing Nazi propaganda,” a spurious claim at best, and a needlessly high-handed position against a family business with no ties to Nazism, racism, or any specific intolerance of any kind, past running a label and distro full of acts that advocate mass murder and devil worship like any good metal band should. The alleged group who wrote the letter doesn’t have much of an online identity, but Metalsucks does, and since they were the ones who posted this clickbait tripe in the first place, this open letter is directed at them.



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Metal Molester 2017 So Far SMR

Article by Linus Douglas.

As these Observer posers speed past 2017’s halfway point, they present a selection that is indeed a dumpster fire representative of the shit pool that their mainstream metal listening provides them with. Only those who need to be eradicated (rapists, communists, child molesters, serial killers, hipsters, etc.) genuinely think that stoner rock and boring, slow heavy rock bands are examples of heavy metal. Their piss-poor “culling” (badass, huh?) from the “metal cauldron” of mee-maw’s recipes was as follows:



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Whoredom Rife – Dommedagskvad (2017)

Review contributed by Jon Browning.

Whoredom Rife are exactly what is wrong with modern “underground” “metal”. All these posers do is take a bunch of riffs from records over twenty years old, chop them up, and randomly attach a few of them together to make… a track.



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Desecrating Satan’s Hipster Country Club Resort

Reviews contributed by Norma Angelina Dagostino.



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Wolves in the Throne Room Release Random Riff Salad

Hipster screamos Wolves in the Throne Room released a new track and music video from their upcoming album Thrive Woven, which releases September 15th, 2017 on Artemisia Records.



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Where The Metal Ends

In reply to Jerry Hauppa.

Music that is popular is dead in general due to commoditization, poseurs, the ivory tower, and the music industry’s collapsed spurred by their own awful business practices and the CD bubble. CDs were a massive cash influx as the first digital format but the major labels kept the price artificially high, killed the single, and tried to force consumers to buy popular music albums with one to three catchy but disposable hits and the rest boring filler to outright crap. As soon as consumers could easily hear the hitsasany times as they wanted until they hated them without paying, they did.

For metal, most of the bands that stayed in the underground, that is those who couldn’t get any record deal and release anything back when the industry was still kicking in the 90s, weren’t good enough to even write three good tracks. Now, the fundergrounders hold these guys up and the labels that sign them to sell a few thousand copies like Dark Descent, Nuclear War Now!, and Iron Bonehead as actually as good as the metal bands from back in the day as they are stupid.

Anyone with a working brain who likes metal can tell that Horrendous, Bolzer, Intolitarian and Blood Incantation suck animal penis compared to Destruction, Deicide, Demigod, Dismember, you name it. The brain dead audience raised on commercial jingles, videogames, and cartoon theme songs can’t tell the difference as they never really listened to music and just claim to “like” metal as metal used to be underground and cool and they like the aesthetics and imagery like Kim Kardashian does. This makes them posers and the few underground bands actually making exceptional music like Sammath, Gridlink, and Desecresy are pretty much just ignored compared to everyone who is Terrorizer/In Flames for Retards as they can’t tell the difference between Celtic Frost and the Mortal Kombat the movie soundtrack.

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The Mask of Yosuke Konishi

Metal interview blog Bardo Methodology interviewed Nuclear War Now! Productions owner Yosuke Kinishi earlier this week about his motivations for starting his mostly war metal label. Konishi spoke about his mild misanthropy, veganism, “die hard” edition cash grabs, and how most war metal bands (presumably on his label) fail to live up to the social Darwinism they spout.



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The Devil’s Cradle Out September 15th

The English translation of Tero Ikäheimonen’s comprehensive Finnish black metal book, Pirunkehto – Suomalaisen black metallin tarina, is coming out September 15th on Svart Records with the English title The Devil’s Cradle. The book features interviews and career retrospectives of Beherit, Impaled Nazarene, and a bunch of other bands who do not count and have no reason to be in the same book as they suck and play crossover thrash with high-gain guitar pedals and RAC/oi themed pop-punk . These modern black ‘n’ roll bands aren’t even from the same era; they are just poseurs.



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