Texas metal tribute radio Sep. 10th Sat @ 10 am cst

Support your local scene (not the “seen”):

Lone Star Massacre A Texas Metal Tribute on Throne of Metal Radio Show This Sep. 10th Sat @ 10 am cst Tx time www.metalmessiahradio.com Here in Texas we have some of the best bands around Thrash Death Black Doom Power and Some of the best underground bands in the world. This will showcase classic bands to some of the newer exterme metal bands.If you know of a band are a band that would like airplay on this show let me know deadline is Friday Sep 9th i will try to fit all i can in this show so get ready for 3 hours of Texas metal this sat.

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Metal Enema on NO CONTROL radio

Austin’s longstanding head-shredding ultra-orthodox metal show Metal Enema returns with a new venue:

METALENEMA – Death, Black, Thrash!
Metalenema began in 1994 on KVRX FM Radio in Austin, Texas. Hosted by The Undertaker and Agapornis Epicac, it was the only radio show broadcast from The University of Texas to local, and later international, acclaim. The show was tied to numerous touring underground concerts and boasted hundreds of listeners at the height of its popularity. It resurfaced as a guest program on BCR in Bridgewater, England, in 1999, and was then revived once more for a series of popular podcasts on Solarfall.com from late 2005 to the end of 2007.

The focus of the show is Black and Death Metal spanning the ’80s, ’90s, and the new millennium, as well as some good old timeworn Speed and Thrash Metal for good measure. While the music is always serious, your intrepid hosts are rarely anything but irreverent, ridiculous, and occasionally patently offensive in their quest to promote the long-lost lighter side of an art form they hold so dear. Tune in and give your brain a Viking funeral every Saturday night on No Control Radio on 107.1 HD2! – No control radio on 101x

Check out the older shows (2004-2009) at the Metal Enema website, or tune in on Saturdays from 10 PM – 1 AM CST:

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Most metal journalism is paid advertising

It’s easy to type words:

In tens of millions of reviews on Web sites like Amazon.com, Citysearch, TripAdvisor and Yelp, new books are better than Tolstoy, restaurants are undiscovered gems and hotels surpass the Ritz.

Or so the reviewers say. As online retailers increasingly depend on reviews as a sales tool, an industry of fibbers and promoters has sprung up to buy and sell raves for a pittance.

“For $5, I will submit two great reviews for your business,” offered one entrepreneur on the help-for-hire site Fiverr, one of a multitude of similar pitches. On another forum, Digital Point, a poster wrote, “I will pay for positive feedback on TripAdvisor.” A Craigslist post proposed this: “If you have an active Yelp account and would like to make very easy money please respond.” – NYT

Label sends stuff to blogs, blogs fawn, label reprints, and on it goes.

What gets lost? Any notion of music quality.

You can be a wank metal blog, and be popular for some time, but you’ll never touch the popularity of the metal that really made life more intense for people.

A repo man’s always intense. Come on, let’s go get a drink.

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Your Mom’s Metal Show @ KAOS radio

Free streaming radio from grubster capital of the world Austin, TX that manages to pull some punches:

# Artist: Oblivion
# Title: Your Mom’s Metal Show
# Genre: Other
# Year: 2010
# Length: 132:05 minutes (120.94 MB)
# Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

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MetalHit offers free compilation

Metal Maniacs / Metalhit.com Offer 11 New Songs for Download + Enter to Win a TEXTURES CD from Nuclear Blast

Metal Maniacs, America’s online source for underground metal and Metalhit.com, metal’s premiere digital download store, are offering up their newest installment of their free monthly metal compilation for download worldwide!

The latest compilation, available from August 15th – September 14th, includes free, as-of-yet unreleased, downloadable tracks from:

TEXTURES (Nuclear Blast)
ANTHRAX (Megaforce Records)
DIAMOND PLATE (Earache Records)
MORDBRAND (Deathgasm Records)
ANTERIOR (Metal Blade Records)
GHOST BRIGADE (Season of Mist)
ARKONA (Napalm Records)
NOCTURNAL FEAR (Moribund Records)
NIGHTBRINGER (Season of Mist)
THE BROWNING (Earache Records)
VAN CANTO (Napalm Records)

Visitors may also enter to win a free copy of TEXTURES “Dualism” CD, courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records.

To download the compilation and enter the contest, visit: http://www.metalhit.com/metal1st.htm

Check back in mid-September for a new set of free unreleased songs and a new contest!




www.metalhit.com – extreme metal Mp3 store, label, distro.
www.metalmaniacs.com – the voice of the underground online
www.fossildungeon.com – ethereal / electronic / heavenly voices label
www.riddickbros.com – art + design

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Metal “journalism”: incoherent garbage

This reviewer noted something many of us have seen — that of the multitude of blogs, sites, magazines, etc. no one actually knows much about the music. They take two lines and a concept from the press release, and then blow that into a chatty review, in the meantime missing the point.

Here’s Ray Miller from Metal Curse on the incompetence of metal journalists:

I am fucking sick of reading bullshit reviews of this album written by clueless dickholes who all seem to think that this is the first time Cianide has ever played at a pace any faster than Godzilla’s slow march to Toyko to rape the Diet building. Satan’s speed is Cianide’s speed, you hydrocephalic living abortions! Go listen to “Human Cesspool” or anything from 1996’s Rage War (I don’t think anything here is faster than “Deadly Spawn”) onward for examples of Chicago’s Most Brutal kicking 666 spectrums of ass at whatever tempos they see fit. Almost all of the band’s previous album, 2005’s Hell’s Rebirth, is this fast or beyond. – Cianide – Gods of Death

This is him writing about the new Cianide (which is great) that has gone over the heads of most reviewers who have no idea why it’s (a) good and (b) deserves attention, but most of all are easily distracted and so have wandered over to the metalcore band that uses a harp and a female vocalist and are gushing over its mediocre music (but excellent production! ironic instrumentation! groovy name! good back-story!) instead.

Metal journalism is incompetent because record labels simply imported a new audience — hipsters — to replace metalheads. The new people have no clue and so they gush, drool, and gibber excitedly over trivial stuff. The labels don’t care — they just want a nice easy extension of their press releases. They might have had opposition back when metalheads chose magazines carefully, and read informative websites only; now, the endless sea of blogs is excited chatter with no substance, and that’s perfect for marketing.

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