Peterson Royal Yacht versus Dunhill Royal Yacht

The venerable Royal Yacht serves many a pipe-smoker as a staple, since it presents the ultimate rarity, a high-powered Virginia-based blend that also manages to be flavorful, smooth, and sweet. Famous for its unique topping — a combination of rum, Tawny Port, citrus, and possibly honey — this blend has delighted smokers since 1912 and proves to be the most divisive blend most will encounter.



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Substitutes For Dunhill Pipe Tobaccos

The internet is somewhat stewing over finding replacements for Dunhill pipe tobaccos, since it looks like production shut down two years ago and the last of them are disappearing from stores and online. You can still find the less-sought-after varieties, like Three Year Matured or Ready-Rubbed Virginia, but good luck finding Nightcap, Early Morning Pipe, or Elizabethan Mixture.



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Smoking Bans Are Killing Public Life

All of humanity exists as a conspiracy against the obvious but not fully pleasant truth. In reality, few things are absolutely good or bad; most are a mixed bag, which means that there are trade-offs between things that we like and things that we dislike. This bothers individuals, who want guarantees of 100% safety, and fails to excite groups, who love illusions because those make everyone in the group feel warm and happy, which strengthens the group as a parasitic artificial entity.



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J.C. Newman – Tampa Trolleys

Every review site in the world likes to review fine, nuanced cigars, but this is a metal site, so let us look at cigars with the subtlety of an axe murder on a subway car. J.C. Newman named the Tampa Trolleys after the railcars that workers would take to the last American cigar-making plant in Tampa, Florida which was known as “Cigar City USA.” Coming from one of the birthplaces of death metal, these cigars aim for a similar brutality on the smoker but have lessons to teach.


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Meditations on the Death of Wishful Thinking

To be a writer, if you are any good, is to be a blasphemer. Humanity is an entropy engine because each person decides on what view of the world makes them look the best, and so the constant weight pushing down on us is that of the herd, of a group of individuals united only by selfishness, come together into a mob for the purpose of asserting their right to be different and unique, constantly leading away from an understanding of the world around us and any meaning that can be found in it.



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Tobacco Activists Launch “World Smoke Tobacco Day” To Counter “World No Tobacco Day”

Your elected leaders and tax dollars go toward a nanny state that wants to tell you what you cannot do simply because other people are screwing up in many ways, and if the politicians pick the easy problems instead of the hard ones, they can get re-elected because they made an appearance of doing something while doing nothing that they can actually fail at. (more…)


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Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. – Burley And Bright

Long ago, there was Nicotiana Rustica which the Asian natives of the New World smoked in various forms. It had a taste like burnt squash when smoked and a potent blast of Nicotine. The Caucasian newcomers began to experiment with different cultivars of Nicotiana, and eventually settled on using Nicotiana Tabacum, a domesticated version from South America. (more…)


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