RIP Brock Dorsey 1985 – 2018

It is with a heavy heart that the DMU staff mourns the loss of one of their own.

Earlier today, we were alerted to the sad news that Brock Dorsey, our fearless leader and editor, has passed on.  Brock was killed in a horrific sky diving accident over the Hamptons during a luxurious vacation with several other venture capitalists.  His parachute had failed to open, but Brock lives on in our hearts and memories.  His friends felt it should be noted should be noted that Brock confessed all of his sins of BTFOing soy-filled journalists and bullying overweight metal kids just before jumping.

Brock will be succeeded at DMU by a familiar face at editor, and the new era of the most storied website on the internet will be lead by the war hero of the DMU – Dreipfell cyber war, Nicholas Vahdias.

Of course, Brock might just be faking his death in classic prankster Brock Dorsey fashion so he can concentrate on writing for and other right wing political websites and continue his fight to restore Western Civilization.  In fact, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find Brock writing for Death Metal Underground again soon, under the same name, with no explanation as to why an article eulogizing his non-existent death was published.  It could even be possible that a 6 month term as editor was the plan all along.

In any event, relive the most popular moments of the Brock Dorsey era below:

Hipsters Discover That Black Metal Musicians Are Bad

Sick Paedos Inquisition Dropped From Label

Individualism Kills Children (Not Guns)

Death of War Metal Imminent!

Demos and a Forsaken Future

Sadistic Metal Reviews: Post Black Eulogy Pt. 1

Metal Vocals Are Obstructive.  Remove them.

Based Varg Can’t Be Bought!

The Most Popular Death Metal Bands


And prepare yourself for a vicious new era of







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28 thoughts on “RIP Brock Dorsey 1985 – 2018”

  1. Brock, the MetalSucks reject says:

    Well I sure can’t wait for my next dose of sensaitionalism!

  2. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

    Vahdias is a promising choice.

    1. Psychic Psych Toad says:

      I second that, Nick’s got what it takes to carry us forward.

  3. I heard that sodomy is gay.

  4. Disciple of Brockery says:

    The temptation at this moment is to double down on DMU’s ostensible politics and its position as outsider, but I think instead we benefit from more articles that explore metal (and related genres) in depth, as exemplified recently by Vahdias and Creed Braddock. Doing so allows the site to continue its most essential function of separating wheat from chaff.

    And bring back Radio Nihil, or some form of it!

    1. Ice Cube says:

      Start it up yourself nigga. Ill help out bitch ass.

  5. BlackPhillip says:

    This is my favorite Brock Dorsey article.

  6. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

    The shemales got him! Retribution will be had! Attack the tranny! No shemale shall live!

  7. Psychic Psych Toad says:

    RIP buddy, see you in heaven!

  8. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist is a closet tranny says:

    Proof or it didn’t happen.

  9. Bork Dopey says:

    Proof or it didn’t happen.

  10. Ice Cube says:

    Brock, you a pussy ass nigga

    1. Korrektor says:

      Sup bitch?
      I just got through korrekting yo mama!!!
      You bitch-made punk!

      Gitcho azz Korrekted!!!

      1. DJ $0D0MIZER says:

        Yo I’m body positive
        Positive that I be stacking yo bodies up
        Bitch ass niggas say they be hard
        But nigga ya softer than 3ply and up as many asses

        1. speed boner says:

          this shit doesn’t rhyme what the fuck are you doing nigger

  11. Ice Cube says:

    I just fucked yo bitch nigga.
    You claim to be a playa but
    I fucked your wife…

    Sup now yo?
    Come at me spook!

  12. Jon Schaefer says:

    Ode to a spook:

    I had friend many days ago,
    One tragic night he died,
    The saddest time of my life,
    For days and days I cried

    Through the anger and through the tears
    I felt his spirit through the years
    I know he’s angel now
    Together we’ll be some day

    1. Making Sick Dunks In Time With The Slam Riff From Suffocation's Liege Of Inveracity says:

      fallin from the sky
      he lived da way he died… a fuckin’ pussy ass nigga.
      couldn’t pull the trigga on a bunch of commie niggas.
      the anus may be weepin, all this anal leakage be seepin
      bunch of gay ass niggas.

      1. Ice Cube says:

        Fallin from da sky, a helicopter ride!
        The anus may have cried, but niggas ride or die
        Faggot niggas sleeping, dis nigga be creeping
        Inside your anal cavity, these rhymes dey
        are insanity, full on black supremacy!

        1. Making Sick Dunks In Time With The Slam Riff From Suffocation's Liege Of Inveracity says:

          Yo I hear you be takin Prozak orally
          If not, as least as a suppository.
          Even Stevens too, that nigga Brett
          Y’all gayass niggas, that’s an easy bet

          1. Eazy E says:

            Im selling sick dunks body parts,
            He thinks he’s a hard nigga,
            But Im a nigga thats hard
            Hard on your ass cause round these parts
            Oral aint gonna satisfy

        1. Flying Kites says:

          Skillz – scholarship – Jewish billz

  13. name goes in the name field says:

    So he died like the communists he hated. How tragic.

  14. Robert says:

    I wish this was true but unfortunately, it’s probably not.

  15. LL Cool J says:

    gay clickbait is fake and gay

  16. The Nut Cutter says:

    /pol/ ain’t been cool for awhile, please don’t do this ever again

    1. Thewaters says:

      Only what is cool is real

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