Obituary : Slowly We Rot     goden
Obitus : Coupe De Grace     lorjef
Obscure Devotion : Son Of A Dayless Night     j. mcintyre
Obscurity : Damnation's Pride     brand
Obsecration : The Inheritors Of Pain     sharund
Obskurum : The Ceremony And The Descent     grymyrk
Obtained Enslavement : Centuries Of Sorrow     brand
Obtained Enslavement : Witchcraft     blackgoat
Obtest : Tukstantmetis     boris
Occultus : Cosmos     brand
Octinomos : On The Demiurge     bathym
Odes Of Ecstasy : Atheistic Emotions     j. mcintyre
Officium Triste : Ne Vivam     sharund
Of The Fallen : Ancient Gods Of Battles Past     lord vic
Of The Fallen : Ancient Gods Of Battles Past     skullcrusher
Old Forest : Into The Old Forest     lord pesten
Old Funeral : Join The Funeral Procession     lord pesten
Old Funeral : The Older Ones     j. mcintyre
Old Funeral : The Older Ones     lord vic
Old Mans Child : Born Of The Flickering     sauron anarazel
Old Mans Child : Revelation 666     wrath
Old Wainds : Zdes' Nikogda Ne Shodyat Snega...     boris
Omen : Battle Cry     ramrod
One Last Sin : One Last Sin     skullcrusher
Onslaught : Power From Hell     chorazaim
Ontoson : Somber Chaotic Entrance...     orodruin
Opera Ix : The Black Opera     boris
Opera Ix : The Black Opera     dwaallicht
Opera Ix : The Black Opera     w.s. diabolus
Opera Ix : The Call Of The Wood     brand
Opera Ix : Sacro Culto     boris
Opera Ix : Sacro Culto     brand
Operation Winter Mist : Rehearsal Demo     grymyrk
Operation Winter Mist : Winter Warfare     grymyrk
Opeth : Blackwater Park     daoloth
Opeth : Damnation     skullcrusher
Opeth : Morningrise     raagoonshinnaah
Opeth : Morningrise     sauron anarazel
Opeth : My Arms, Your Hearse     blackgoat
Opeth : My Arms, Your Hearse     the barrow man
Opeth : Orchid     boris
Opeth : Still Life     c. drishner
Opeth : Still Life     raagoonshinnaah
Ophthalamia : To Elishia     malphas
Opus Malefici : Obscure Thoughts     brand
Orange Goblin : The Big Black     malphas
Orange Goblin : Time Travelling Blues     malphas
Orcustus : Demo 2002     skullcrusher
Order From Chaos : An Ending In Fire     sharund
Order From Chaos : Dawnbringer     brand
Order From Chaos : Stillbirth Machine     grotesque
Ordo Equilibrio : Reaping The Fallen...The First Harvest     bathym
Ork : Through The Fight, I Ride     boris
Orkus : The Gate     equimanthorn
Osbourne, Ozzy : Bark At The Moon     sharund
Osbourne, Ozzy : The Ozzman Cometh     mlotek
Osculum Infame : The Black Theology     herr nebelwerfer
Osculum Infame : Dor-Nu-Fauglith     black hate
Osculum Infame : Dor-Nu-Fauglith     brand
Osculum Infame : Dor-Nu-Fauglith     herr nebelwerfer
Osculum Infame : Dor-Nu-Fauglith     lord pesten
Ossuary : We Await The Secret Conspiracy     brand
Otyg : Alvefard     chorazaim
Ouroboros : Invoking The Worm     hando
Oxiplegatz : Sidereal Journey     c. drishner
Oxiplegatz : Sidereal Journey     j. mcintyre
Oyhra : Na Yazichnitzkai Zyamli     boris
Oyhra : Ratnaya Strala     boris