Akitsa : Goétie     lord pesten
Anaboth : Nie Czas Pmiotów     j. mcintyre
Ancient : Eerily Howling Winds     orodruin
Anwyl : Postmortem Apocalypse     skullcrusher
Arkhon Infaustus : In Sperma Infernum     lord pesten
Armatus : Blut Volk     lord pesten
Bael : Deathly Pale     lord pesten
Bathory : Destroyer Of Worlds     lord pesten
Beherit : Beast Of Damnation     lord pesten
Belenos : Spicilčge     lord pesten
Black Dahlia Murder, The : Unhallowed     skullcrusher
Blessed In Sin : Melancholia     lord vic
Blessed In Sin : Odes Obscure/Tribute To Euronymous     orodruin
Capricornus : Kein Blut Soll Verunreinigt Werden     orodruin
Celestia : Apparitia - Sumptuous Spectre     lord vic
Dark Funeral : The Secrets Of The Black Arts     bathym
Decayed : Hymns To Satan     lord pesten
Decieverion : Decieverion     lord vic
Der Sturmer : The Blood Calls For W.A.R.!     bathym
Detrimentum : A Moment To The Suffering     skullcrusher
Dissection : Frozen In Wacken     lord pesten
Dissection : Night's Blood     lord pesten
Divine Empire : Nostradamus     skullcrusher
Dying Fetus : Stop At Nothing     skullcrusher
Emit : Promo 2003     cory
Encomium : Nails     j. mcintyre
Enthroned : Prophecies Of Pagan Fire     lord pesten
Entombed : Inferno     skullcrusher
Fleshart : Art Brut     skullcrusher
Forgotten Woods : Demo 1     orodruin
Forgotten Woods : Sjel Av Natten     lord pesten
Funeral Elegy : Demo #1     lord vic
Gelidus Caliga : Of Hateful Darkness     j. mcintyre
Goatpenis : Htaed No Tabbas     bathym
Grate : What You Think     skullcrusher
Grave Digger : Rheingold     skullcrusher
Griffar : Of Witches And Celts     lord vic
HellVomit : Cum In The Mouth Of God     lord vic
Judas Iscariot : Demo 1993     orodruin
Judas Priest : British Steel     bathym
Judas Priest : Point Of Entry     bathym
Katharsis : 666     bathym
Kratornas : The Onslaught Of Battledemons     bathym
Kristallnacht : Adversary     lord pesten
Kristallnacht : Creation Through Destruction     lord pesten
Lamb Of God : As The Palaces Burn     skullcrusher
Lucifugum : On Hooks To Pieces     lord pesten
Luftwaffe Raid : Empire     lord vic
Maniac Butcher : Live In Germany     lord pesten
Maniac Butcher : Live In Germany     lord vic
Marduk : Fuck Me Jesus     lord pesten
Marduk : Panzer Division Marduk     bathym
Marduk : World Funeral     skullcrusher
Mayhem : Dawn Of The Black Hearts     lord pesten
Mayhem : From The Darkest Past     lord pesten
Mayhem : Pure Fucking Armageddon     lord pesten
Mayhem : The True Armageddon     lord pesten
Mayhemic Truth : Live In Bernhausen     lord pesten
Mütiilation : Majestas Leprosus     lord vic
Mütiilation : Ten Years Of Depressive Destruction     lord pesten
Nachtfalke : Doomed To Die     lord vic
Nachtfalke : Hail Victory Teutonia     lord pesten
Nachtmystium : Nachtmystium     skullcrusher
Nachtmystium : Nachtmystium     vorfeed
Negura Bunget : N' Crugu Bradului     c. drishner
Nehemah : Shadows From The Past     lord pesten
Nethermancy : Towards The Astral Twilight     j. mcintyre
North : From The Dark Past     lord pesten
Old Funeral : Join The Funeral Procession     lord pesten
Opeth : Damnation     skullcrusher
Orcustus : Demo 2002     skullcrusher
Pantheist : O Solitude     c. drishner)
Pest : Hail The Black Metal Wolves Of Belial     lord pesten
Pest : Hail The Black Metal Wolves Of Belial     lord vic
Profanatica : Broken Jew     lord pesten
Satanic Blood : Untold Prophecies     lord vic
Seges Findere : Wolves In Battlelust     j. mcintyre
Seigneur Voland : Consumatum Est     lord pesten
Setherial : For Dem Mitt Blod     orodruin
Shadow Season : The Frozen     skullcrusher
Slavia : Gloria In Excelsis Sathan     j. mcintyre
Sonata Arctica : Winter Hearts Guild     skullcrusher
Stutthof : Towards Thy Astral Path     lord pesten
Svartsyn : Destruction Of Man     skullcrusher
Temple Of Baal : Servants Of The Beast     lord vic
Thergothon : Fhtagn-Nagh Yog-Sothoth     orodruin
Totenburg : Winterschlacht     lord pesten
Veles : Night On The Bare Mountain     bathym
Vermeth : Your Ruin...     lord pesten
Vlad Tepes : Winter Rehearsal     lord pesten
Von : Satanic Blood Angel     lord vic
Vrolok : Nocturnal Isolation     lord vic
Vultures : Vultures     c. drishner
Waco Jesus : Filth     skullcrusher
Winter Night Overture : Weapon Against The God     j. mcintyre
Witchcraft : On The Path Of Fogs     j. mcintyre
Wulfhere : Rising Tides     bathym
Xasthur : Nocturnal Poisoning     lord vic
Xasthur : Suicide In Dark Serenity     vorfeed
Zorn : Rehearsal Tape 2001     j. mcintyre
Zorn : Schwarz Metall     j. mcintyre
Abigail/Barbatos : Sexual Metal Holocaust     vorfeed
Hirilorn/Nasav : A Hymn To The Ancient Souls/Umr At Tawil     lord pesten
Mayhem/Morbid : A Tribute To The Black Emperors     lord pesten
Mayhem/Thou Shalt Suffer/Zemial : The True Black     lord pesten
Nastrond/Fafnir : Split     orodruin
Perunwit/Legion : Split     bathym
Sacrilegium/North : Jesienne Szepty     lord pesten
Seigneur Voland/Chemin De Haine : Cérémonie Chaotique...     lord pesten
V/A : No Colours Records Compilation     lord pesten
V/A : No Colours Records Compilation II     lord pesten