Waco Jesus : Filth     skullcrusher
Wallachia : Wallachia     boris
War : Total War     sharund
War88 : White Aryan Resistance     brand
War88 : White Aryan Resistance     raagoonshinnaah
Warfare : A Coflict Of Hatred     mlotek
Warfare : Hammer Horror     chorazaim
Warfare : Mayhem Fuckin' Mayhem     mlotek
Warfare : Pure Filth     malphas
Warhammer : Deathchrist     lord vic
Warhammer : The Winter Of Our Discontent     chorazaim
Warloghe : The Black Tower     j. mcintyre
Warloghe : The First Possession     alasdor
Warloghe : The First Possession     bathym
Warloghe : The First Possession     brand
Warloghe : The First Possession     equimanthorn
Warloghe : The First Possession     vasp necrogoat
Warlust : The Final War     equimanthorn
Warrior Soul : Drugs, God And The New Republic     malphas
Warrior Soul : Last Decade Dead Century     malphas
Watain : Rabid Death's Curse     hando
Watain : Rabid Death's Curse     w.s. diabolus
Waylander : Reawakening Of Pride Once Lost     brand
Weakling : Dead As Dreams     bathym
Weakling : Dead As Dreams     daoloth
Weakling : Dead As Dreams     hando
Wejdas : Wejdas     boris
Welter : The Elder Land     black hate
Welter : The Elder Land     brand
Welter : The Elder Land     sybren
When : The Black Death (Svartedauen)     atrox666
When : Psychedelic Wunderbahn     bathym
Whiplash : Messages In Blood - The Early Years     lord vic
Whiplash : Power And Pain/Ticket To Mayhem     lord vic
Williams, Rozz : The Whorse's Mouth     boris
Windham Hell : Window Of Souls     black hate
Wind Of The Black Mountains : Black Sun Will Rise     vorfeed
Wind Of The Black Mountains : Force Fed Into Blasphemy     black hate
Wind Of The Black Mountains : Force Fed Into Blasphemy     sharund
Wind Of The Black Mountains : Sing Thou Unholy Servants     blackgoat
Wind Of The Black Mountains : Sing Thou Unholy Servants     goden
Wind Of The Black Mountains : Sing Thou Unholy Servants     sauron anarazel
Winter : Into Darkness     brett
Winter Funeral : Filled With Despair…Sathanas     brand
Winter Night Overture : Weapon Against The God     j. mcintyre
Witchbane : Soldiers Of Hell     chorazaim
Witchburner : Incarnation Of Evil     plutoth
Witchcraft : On The Path Of Fogs     j. mcintyre
Witchery : Dead, Hot, And Ready     alasdor
Witchery : Restless And Dead     malphas
Witchery : Witchburner     chorazaim
Witchery : Witchburner     malphas
Witchfinder General : Death Penalty     lord vic
Witchfinder General : Friends Of Hell     lord vic
Withered Beauty : Withered Beauty     sharund
Withering Surface : Scarlet Silhouettes     j. mcintyre
With Hate I Burn : With Hate I Burn     j. mcintyre
Wizzard : Devilmusick     malphas
Wolf : Wolf     chorazaim
Wolfpack : Lycanthopunk     equimanthorn
Wongraven : Fjelltronen     atrox666
Wongraven : Fjelltronen     midfrost
Wongraven : Fjelltronen     naargrim
Wormphlegm : Demo '01     black hate
Wormphlegm : Demo '01     rotblood
Worship : Last Tape Before Doomsday...     j. mcintyre
Wulfhere : Rising Tides     bathym
Wykked Wytch : Something Wykked This Way Comes     blackgoat
Wyrd : Unchained Heather Wrath     j. mcintyre